Dianna Cowern is the creator and host of the viral web series “Physics Girl”, sponsored by PBS Digital Studios. The channel has over 1.6 Million subscribers and her videos have received 120 Million views. The Physics Girl YouTube channel is a super entertaining resource and platform for physics experiments and discussions about all things physics.

In 2019, Dianna was named to FORBES 30 under 30 list. Before Physics Girl, She graduated from MIT, studied as a post-baccalaureate research fellow at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, and then worked at GE as a Software Engineer designing mobile apps.

Dianna is a very sought after science communication personality and You Tube Educator, as well as an in-demand speaker who is an expert on physics, STEM, the future of education, and presenting via online media platforms. Her fans range from kids to some of the biggest CEOs and leaders on the planet who all love Dianna because either they or their kids are hooked on her YouTube Channel! She has been featured in Forbes, Science Magazine, Popular Science, Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report, Space.com, NBC, Vogue, HuffPost, and many more.

In this conversation, Chris and Dianna discuss her story, her upcoming projects, education today, what is exciting and inspiring to her about STEM, and she even demonstrates a couple of really cool physics experiments that we can all do at home!

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Dr. Kevin Elko is a nationally renowned performance consultant and bestselling author, who is well known as the most in-demand and probably the best at what he does in the pro and collegiate sports world. In his latest book, “Believing is Seeing – Ten Steps to a Mindset That Will Transform Your Direction and Your Life”, the forward is written by Steve Saban, probably the best college football coach in history.

As a team performance consultant, Dr. Elko has won a staggering 29 combined Superbowls and/ or National Championships! He has won the title with The Alabama Crimson Tide (5 times with Nick Saban) and also championships with the Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, Florida State, LSU, the Miami Hurricanes and many more.

Dr. Elko is an important part of a team’s success as he evaluates and selects players, gives speeches to the team, writes the speeches the coaches give, and he establishes the mantras and themes for the team to focus on for the year. There might not be anybody better at evaluating mindset, teaching leadership or focus, or establishing a culture.

In the business world, Dr. Elko is in high demand with organizations that deal with high levels of stress and difficult/ turbulent circumstances, as he works with people on: how they talk to themselves, how to get the most out of themselves, and how to deal with any adversity they will come across.

Join Chris as he and Kevin have a revealing and powerful conversation discussing Leadership, Culture, Teamwork, Mindset, and the Psychology of how we look at our circumstances, ourselves, and how we connect with the people around us.

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The Passing Zone are two incredibly talented and hilarious guys (Jon Wee and Owen Morse) who Penn Jillette recently called the very best at what they do in the world. Their stunts are thrilling. They’ve been featured on The Tonight Show, The Today Show, Live with Regis and Kelly, were finalists on America’s Got Talent, and just appeared last week for the second time on Penn and Teller’s TV show Fool Us – performing with both Penn and Teller live on stage.

They have also been invited to perform for the White House, and in London for Prince Charles, and have made appearances in motion pictures like The Addams Family and The Aristocrats, and they have 5 Guiness World Records. At corporate events they deliver on the edge of your seat entertainment and expertly present on themes like collaboration, teamwork, execution, and communication!

This is a very funny episode, where not only does The Passing Zone actually perform on stage three separate times for us, (including an awesome Grand Finale at the very end), but they also use Chris as a volunteer in a couple of hilarious and innovative ways!

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Nolan Bushnell is the founder of the legendary video game company Atari, and he is known as the Father of the Video Game Industry. He is the creator of the first coin-op video arcade games and the first in-home video game consoles, as well as the games themselves (from Pong to Breakout to Asteroids and many more). Newsweek named Nolan one of the “50 Men That Changed America”.

Nolan created a new Silicon Valley Culture, which was adopted by Apple, and still exists today across the valley. He famously was also Steve Jobs’ first and only boss, and after leaving Atari, Steve Jobs offered a third of Apple Inc to Nolan.

Nolan also founded Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater, another brand that has endured for decades in American culture. He created 20+ other companies, including ETAK, which was the first company to map the world to within a meter, technology that is found today in Google Maps. In 2019, Nolan released his latest offering, St Noir, which is a board game for Amazon’s Echo, which has won many awards including “Best of Innovation” at CES.

Nolan is the author of the acclaimed book “Finding the Next Steve Jobs” and has been featured in hundreds of publications and many documentaries, including Tom Hanks’ recent hit documentary series “The Eightees” on CNN. Nolan has won numerous awards including the prestigious BAFTA, and is known as one of the most important people in the history of computer technology, and of course, video games.

Join Chris as he and Nolan talk about the history of Atari, video games, Steve Jobs’ working for him, and Nolan’s mind-blowing journey as an inventor and entrepreneur. We discuss topics central to Nolan like: Culture, Innovation, Creativity, Failure, and the Future of Society/ Technology/ Games.

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Erik Wahl is an internationally recognized artist who ignites the stage with his incredible paintings, messages and energy. He’s a two time #1 Bestselling Author with “Unthink – Rediscover Your Creative Genius” – which CEO Reads named Book of The Year, and with his second title, “The Spark and The Grind: Ignite the Power of Disciplined Creativity”. He installed a 10,000 sq. ft Mona Lisa in a desert near L.A., created a treasure hunt game called “Art Drop” where he would hide paintings somewhere in a city for the lucky finder to keep, and Erik was selected as a TED speaker for TED2012.

His art is not for sale, but rather is auctioned off at his events, and his paintings have also raised over $1.5M for charities.

In this conversation, Chris and Erik talk about several areas that Erik is an expert in, including: Creativity, Innovation, Design, Adapting, Problem Solving, Risk, Anxiety, and reigniting our passion for life and our passion for inspiring others.

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Vernice “FlyGirl” Armour was recognized as America’s First African American Female Combat pilot by the Department of Defense. As a police officer at the age 24, she decided to become an Officer in the Marine Corps and then a combat pilot, and only three years later was the United States Marine Corps’ first African American female pilot.

Vernice has appeared on Oprah Winfrey, CNN, Tavis Smiley, NPR, and many other media, and is a bestselling author and successful entrepreneur. Today, she sits on the Comcast/NBCUniversal Joint Diversity Council and was formerly a diversity officer liaison to the Pentagon. Vernice has been awarded as a pioneering pilot, including her commanding role in technology and engineering, and has received two honorary doctorates. She was also the first African American Woman on the Nashville Police Department’s motorcycle squad, and played running back for the San Diego Sunfire women’s professional football team!

In this conversation, Vernice and Chris talk about Leadership, Engagement, Overcoming Obstacles, Innovation, being Gutsy, and Diversity.

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Jon Dorenbos played in the NFL for 15 years and made two Pro Bowl appearances. He’s also a master magician who was Simon Cowell’s favorite contestant on America’s Got Talent, ultimately coming in third place in the finals in 2017. Jon is also one of Ellen DeGeneres’ favorite guests on the Ellen Show – appearing over 25 times.

His story is riveting as he survived an unbelievably tragic childhood, losing both of his parents, when his father murdered his mother at the age of 12. His life was again changed forever recently, when the Philadelphia Eagles, the year they won the Superbowl, traded him to the New Orleans Saints… In the medical evaluation for the trade they found a major problem with his heart’s aorta, needing emergency life-saving surgery within 48 hours, forcing him to immediately retire from football.

Triumphing over difficult circumstances and achieving greatness in everything that he has done, You will find Jon to be transformative, if not one of the most inspiring people you have ever met. In this conversation, Chris and Jon tackle themes Jon has mastered, that have made him a very in demand speaker, including: leadership, mindset, perspective, self-talk, forgiveness, and greatness.

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Kenny Aronoff is one of the world’s most influential, in demand drummers in rock and roll history. Rolling Stone Magazine named him one of the “100 Greatest Drummers of All Time” and the readers of Modern Drummer Magazine named him the #1 Pop/Rock Drummer and #1 Studio Drummer.

The list of artists he’s worked with on the road and/or in the studio is a who’s who of the music industry’s top talent. He’s played on records that have sold over 300 Million copies. 1300 of those records have ended up as Gold, Platinum, or Diamond RIAA Certified. And he has played on many #1 Hit singles. His latest record is Joe Satriani’s album “Shapeshifting”, a 2020 release that entered the Top 100 Albums chart at #8.

Kenny’s winning approach to drumming and life is a testament to his mastery as a team player, a leader, and a communicator who also has an incredibly strong work ethic. Qualities that have earned him a lasting career for several decades with more recording studio and live performance appearances than perhaps any other working drummer in history. Known as the Hardest Hitting Man in Show Business, and one of the most impactful, creative drummers in the recording industry, Kenny has created some of the most iconic drum parts in rock history.

Join us for a conversation where Chris and Kenny dive deep into themes of teamwork, leadership, survival, greatness, and work ethic. Defining Kenny’s mindset and outlook that has led to his enormous success.

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Dr. Jenn Mann is one of the most well-known psychotherapists in the country, and one of the most sought-after thought leaders on communication and relationships.

Dr. Jenn is perhaps best known as the host and therapist for VH1’s hit shows “Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn” and “Family Therapy with Dr. Jenn”. She is a popular national radio host and is known for her radio show “The Dr. Jenn Show” which has aired on Sirius XM for five years, and has appeared as a guest expert on hundreds of TV shows including: The Today Show, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, The Doctors, Steve Harvey, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

She has a weekly column in In Style Magazine called “Hump Day with Dr. Jenn” and is the author of many best-selling advice books including: “The Relationship Fix”, “SuperBaby”, and “The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy Confident Kids”.

In this episode Dr. Jenn and Chris discuss: family and work relationships, the relationship we have with ourselves, dealing with the stress and anxiety of living in a pandemic, becoming more motivated and productive, resetting ourselves and becoming more goal oriented and fulfilled, and being better family members at home and more effective leaders and team members at work.

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Pablos Holman is one of the most renowned hackers in the world, an inspiring technology futurist, and an inventor with over 70 patents. He has a unique view into problem solving and breaking, then building new technologies – talents he used for more than a decade at the Intellectual Ventures Lab in Seattle, where 150 scientists and engineers are inventing solutions to world’s biggest problems.

Pablos’ TED talks have gone viral totaling over 27 Million views. He has spoken for the World Economic Forum at Davos, the United Nations, and many other world famous events.

Pablos has worked on a wide variety of futuristic impact invention projects to solve world-sized problems, including: for Bill Gates, a machine to suppress hurricanes and a device that shoots mosquitoes out of the sky with lasers to help eradicate malaria. He also built spaceships with Jeff Bezos, invented the first 3D printer to ever print food, and helped create the #1 selling 3D printer in the world, the Makerbot.

In this conversation, we dive into the innovation mindset for businesses in today’s world as well as discussing powerful technologies including: Space Travel, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Modeling/ Big Data and how it will soon help businesses greatly, Blockchain, Crypto-Currency, and Cyber Security.

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Dr. Stephen Klasko  is an advocate for transformation in our systems of healthcare and higher education, and is the current President of Thomas Jefferson University and CEO of Jefferson Health,  overseeing 35,000+ employees. He has led Jefferson to become one of the fastest growing academic health centers, expanding from 3 to 14 hospitals and growing revenues from $2.2 Billion to over $6 Billion in 2019.

Dr. Klasko was named one of the “Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company (ranking 21 out of 100 – the only physician on the list) for making large-scale healthcare personal. He was also ranked #2 of the “100 Most Influential People in Healthcare” by Modern Healthcare in 2018. He was appointed as the first Distinguished Fellow at the Davos World Economic Forum, and in 2020 will co-chair the World Economic Forum board of stewards. Dr. Klasko is a bestselling author and has two much anticipated books coming out in 2020.

In this conversation, Dr. Klasko and Chris discuss: the coming vaccine (which his team is working on), opening back up society, disruption, the consumer revolution, and the future of healthcare – which is not just Telehealth (which he is a leader in), but rather, Healthcare With No Address, which he describes as health assurance at home.

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CAL Entertainment Virtual Speakers

These exceptional, relevant speakers are all very in demand virtually around the world, and are equipped to deliver either a keynote speech or moderated conversation or combo of both for your virtual event, or as a virtual guest joining a live in-person event.

Chris Voss

Major Bestselling Author of "Never Split The Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It" Negotiation Expert, Former FBI Lead Hostage Negotiator, Educator

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Jim Kwik

Host & Creator of World-Famous Podcast "Kwik Brain with Jim Kwik" Bestselling Author of "Limitless" (Random House, 2020) Memory and Optimal Brain Enhancement Expert Over 100 Million Views Online

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Andy Stumpf

Decorated SEAL Lieutenant, including Five Bronze Star Medals (four with Valor) and the Purple Heart, Holder of World Record jump for distance flown in wingsuit (from 36,000 feet over 17 miles distance

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Kenyon Salo

Thunderstorm Team Skydiver for all Denver Broncos home game pre-game shows Adventurer, High Energy Speaker and Facilitator. Creator of The Bucket List Life

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Jason Latimer

World Champion Magician. Inventor, Engineer, Curator of Impossible Science, Television Personality, Viral Internet Sensation, STEM Advocate

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Dr. Dave Logan

Author of New York Times #1 Bestseller "Tribal Leadership", and Bestseller "The Three Laws of Performance", TED Speaker with over 1 Million views, Cultural Transformationalist

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Dianna Cowern (Physics Girl)

Founder of viral "Physics Girl" YouTube channel, Forbes 30 under 30, MIT grad, Harvard fellowship, STEM advocate, Astrophysicist, Educator

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Tom Edwards

Future-Proofer, CMO/CDO, Top 50 Global Marketer, Tech Titan Award winner, Ad Age Marketing Technology Trailblazer. Trends expert in Marketing, Data, AI, Digital, VR, and Emerging Technology. Contribut

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Nonny de la Peña

Godmother of Virtual Reality. Creator of Immersive Journalism. 13 People Who Made the World More Creative - Fast Company. Viral TED speaker.

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Jay Samit

Pioneer, Innovator, Serial Disruptor, Futurist, Business strategist International Bestselling Author of "Disrupt You!" "A leading technology innovator who has transformed entire industries with his si

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Ken Rutkowski

Talk Show Host of “Voice of Disruption” program, Co-Founder of the #1 business radio talk show in America, “Business Rockstars”, reaching tens of millions. Tech and Business Futurist, Innovator, Entre

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Brent Bushnell

CEO of Two Bit Circus, Roboticist, Electrical Engineer, Software Developer. Immersive Entertainment Expert, Authority in Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality.

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Esther Wojcicki

Legendary Educator, The Godmother of Silicon Valley, Mother of a Super Family Author of #1 Amazon Bestseller How to Raise Successful People Author of Bestseller Moonshots in Education - Launching Blen

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Paul Smith

Author of the International Bestsellers "Lead with a Story" and "Sell with a Story", and one of Inc. Magazine's Top 100 Leadership Speakers of 2018.

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Josh Tickell

NY Times Critics’ Pick Journalist. Oscar Shortlisted, Sundance-Award-Winning Film Director. Expert on Generations in the Workplace & Sustainability.

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Richard Greene

"The Master of Charisma" - Sunday Times of London. One of the Leading Communications Strategists and Speaking Trainers in the World, Author of Bestseller - "Words That Shook the World". Personal Speak

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