Two Bit Circus

Two Bit Circus is a think tank and talent magnet building products at the crossroads of amusement and education.


Two Bit Circus Eric and Brent picTwo Bit Circus is an experiential entertainment company that lives at the intersection of technology and spectacle. This high-tech circus has showcased its novel games and attractions at huge events for years with clients including Amazon, Intel, SXSW, and Verizon.

Walking the line between invention and performance, this band of super nerds includes founders that were the on-camera inventors for Extreme Makeover:Home Edition, cast members that built the viral hit Rube Goldberg music video for OK Go garnering 45 million YouTube views, and engineers with professional circus backgrounds – including the world’s second-ranked unicyclist!

The team has been covered in Time, USA Today, Discovery Channel, and even a Martha Stewart tweet. Most recently Two Bit Circus launched their own event, STEAM Carnival, a reimagining of the classic midway using fire, lasers and robots to inspire kids using engineering and art, with partners including IBM, Intel, Disney, Popular Mechanics and more. Based in Los Angeles, this interdisciplinary team of artists, engineers, educators and entrepreneurs develop spectacular productions with the goal to inspire, engage, and reinvent the way people play.


Robotics, lasers and electronics are in the mix. It would seem to be a mad inventor’s fantasy. image001


Two Bit Circus productions break down barriers and get people playing together in interactive and meaningful ways.  We’ve developed multiple platforms, both permanent and traveling, that keep people engaged, enriched, and entertained.  Let’s play!

TWO BIT CIRCUS now PRESENTS the STAGE SHOW – An Interactive Keynote to Inspire Innovation, Teamwork, and Fun!

Editable Stage Show One Sheet

Bring the Circus to your next event
When people enter the Big Top they gaze in awe as they take in our world of applied imagination. We think that feeling should live everywhere.


The Arcade Road Show brings our playful games and the culture of the circus right to your door. Create meaningful social interactions at your special event, conference, or party as strangers become friends around purposeful play. Our amusements can scale to the size of your event depending on your vision and needs. We’ve entertained as few as 50 and as many as 5,000. Games are hands-on and interactive, enticing guests to tumble like ninjas, dodge their competition using life-sized trackballs, and combat button walls with jabs from the hand, elbow, and occasional forehead.

Let us transform your event with a new world of social amusement that brings people together and makes your event unforgettable.

Two Bit Circus games in action at SXSW 2016:

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