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Communication, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution expert. Counter-Terrorism, Security Expert, Author, bestselling author of What I Didn’t Learn at Harvard

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After a successful international career in VIP Protection, Rob Redenbach transferred the strategies of personal security and tactical communication to the business arena. Drawing from experiences that include working with the bodyguard team of Nelson Mandela in South Africa and providing risk management services in the Middle East, Rob provides compelling insights into leadership, adaptability and how to reduce conflict and improve cooperation.

A Nationally Accredited Mediator, Rob has studied post-graduate law at Bond University’s Dispute Resolution Centre and has a Master of Arts (with Distinction) in Terrorism, Safety and Security from Charles Sturt University. He has also completed Executive Education at Harvard Kennedy School of Government in the United States.

Media reviews of Rob’s autobiography, Waveman, included “a great, inspiring and motivating read, with wider audience appeal than it would first seem” and attracted positive coverage in The Financial Review and Sky News Business – among others. His latest book (and keynote), What I Didn’t Learn at Harvard, delivers a streetwise perspective on leadership and persuasive communication – empowering the audience with a focus on determination, resilience and discovering what really matters.  

Corporate executives, special forces officers, project managers, professional educators and small business owners are just some of Rob’s clients who have benefited from his leadership and communication strategies.

Rob’s primary keynote presentations are: 7 Leverage Tools and Power of Initiative.

While the content of the two presentations is different, both incorporate a healthy mix of humour, memorable stories and practical knowledge. Additionally, Rob can tailor his material to suit a particular training objective or conference theme.

Rob regularly presents to corporate and business groups all across Australia, as well as internationally. Rob is equally comfortable delivering a light-hearted 20-minute speech in an after-dinner setting, a dynamic 60-minute keynote presentation at a business conference or an extended interactive workshop for business leaders.

Rob’s most popular presentation is Dynamic Leadership, an interactive workshop… 


A key characteristic of a dynamic leader is their ability to move forward and achieve extraordinary results long after ordinary leaders have been overwhelmed by the situation or circumstance.

For more than 20 years Rob Redenbach has been helping leaders to enhance performance at that critical place where pressure and opportunity meet. Blending a powerful mix of academic credentials with practical experience, Redenbach’s half-day Dynamic Leadership workshop cuts to the bone of what it really takes to make the transition from ordinary to extraordinary.

From taking part in drug raids with the Los Angeles FBI SWAT team, to teaching his own system of defensive tactics to Nelson Mandela’s bodyguard team in South Africa, and providing security services to US aid-workers in Iraq and Afghanistan, Rob Redenbach has gained a unique working perspective on leadership and communication.

Dynamic Leadership emphasises the importance of using brains over brawn when dealing with conflict, and provides practical techniques to deal with problems that cannot or should not be avoided. Learning and development outcomes include the capacity to:


  • Communicate clearly and persuasively
  • Move from manager to leader
  • Build a culture of high performance
  • Defuse aggressive and obstructive behavior in others
  • Become a more resilient leader

Originally intended for elite law enforcement professionals, Dynamic Leadership with Rob Redenbach has received high praise from business CEOs, professional educators, project managers, negotiators, ambassadors of change, NGOs and not-for-profits.

Presented at a location of the client’s choice Dynamic Leadership is designed for audiences ranging in size from 15 to 120 and is guaranteed to engage and empower.

If you are a Conference Organiser or HR Manager, this half-day (4-hour) workshop can help to make your next event the best ever.



  • LEADING THE WAY brings to life the experiences in Rob Redenbach’s autobiography What I Didn’t Learn at Harvard. Dynamic, down-to-earth and refreshingly funny, this live presentation provides highly practical insights into leadership and influencing behaviour. If you’re looking for a message that will entertain and empower your audience, this keynote is the perfect addition to your next conference or staff development session. Leading The Way can be presented as a plenary keynote (60 minutes) or a breakfast, luncheon or after-dinner speech (30 minutes).  
  • WORDS TO ACTION provides proven strategies and pragmatic techniques for enhancing performance in any situation that involves stress and challenge. Words to Action is presented as a full-day workshop at a location of the client’s choice. Inherently flexible, the program can also be adapted to suit more compact time frames. It is intended for small groups (usually between ten and twenty participants), however larger audiences can be accommodated upon request. Whether the audience is small or large the program remains a dynamic mix of facilitated discussions and collaborative interaction. And it’s also good fun. In just one day participants will gain knowledge and skill they will benefit from for years to come.


“Over the past 5 years we’ve hired some of the world’s most respected law enforcement speakers – including Dave Grossman – on multiple occasions. Rob Redenbach was rated as one of our very best speakers. The response to his half-day workshop on leadership was overwhelmingly great. Nearly every evaluation rated him 9s or 10s all the way through. Very high marks from a cynical bunch of senior narcotic cops.” ERIK FISHER – PRESIDENT, OREGON NARCOTICS ENFORCEMENT ASSOCIATION

“Key messages succinctly delivered and catered well to an audience of international participants.” SEAGATE TECHNOLOGIES

“Rob immediately hit the ground running, capturing and holding the group’s attention from start to finish . . . not bad considering the broad demographic in the room. Rob was effectively able to deliver his address drawing in parallels to our market with a blend of humour and his own inspiring experiences.” DUNLOP 

“Redenbach accomplished a variety of teaching objectives in a relatively short period of time.” FEDERAL BUREAU INVESTIGATION

“A powerful presentation that every business owner could identify with.” FUJI XEROX

“Redenbach’s presentation was by far one of the more inspiring and impactful messages delivered to our team in a very long time. Rob’s opening immediately caught the attention of our 120 delegation and with ease he successfully opened the door to his world. His message delivered great focus on the importance of thinking out side the square, emphasising the importance of adjusting, adapting and achieving our goals and missions through thinking differently and working smarter. Rob’s interaction with delegates intensified his presentation, making the experience real. His personable nature and professionalism is definitely a key element to making his presentation memorable and meaningful!” LG ELECTRONICS 

“Excellent delivery. Excellent examples. Excellent engagement.” TOYOTA

“We just completed the YPO-WPO Global Leadership Summit, in which Rob was a speaker. On an agenda filled with the ‘best of the best’ from around the world, Rob provided a unique and compelling session, and left the audience wanting more. I would highly recommend Rob as a speaker for any senior level audience, and would work with him again whenever given a chance. In addition to effective, he’s a great guy, friendly and easy to work with.” President and CEO at THE LEARNING STUDIO, Inc.

“Everyone could relate to Rob’s message and take away learnings.” TOSHIBA

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