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World-renowned Hacker, Inventor, Viral TED Speaker, Problem Solver, Technology Futurist

Speaker Pablos Holman, TED Talk speakerSpeaker Pablos Holman is a hacker, inventor, viral TED Talk speaker, and technology futurist with a unique ability to distill complex technology into practical tools. Always building the future, his projects include cryptocurrency in the 1990s; AI for stock market trading; building spaceships at Blue Origin for Jeff Bezos; the world’s smallest PC and 3D printers at Makerbot. He helped start the Intellectual Ventures Lab for Nathan Myhrvold to support a wide range of invention projects, including a brain surgery tool; a machine to suppress hurricanes; a nuclear reactor powered by nuclear waste; and a machine that can shoot mosquitoes out of the sky with lasers – part of an impact invention effort to eradicate malaria with Bill Gates. A member of the most prolific team of inventors in the United States, he has over 70 patents.

A world-renowned expert in 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robotics, Automated Manufacturing, & Cryptocurrency, Pablos has contributed to visions for the future of urban transportation, entertainment, education, energy, manufacturing, health care, food delivery, sensor networks, payment systems & cloud computing.

“Pablos is like a spy that we send to our own future, to find out what they know and help us catch up. When you have to pick five people to bring with you into a bunker until the fallout subsides, pick him & four other people just like him. But there’s no one like him.”
– Kevin Slavin

With a unique ability to articulate practical solutions and visions for the future of technology, Pablos is often invited to speak at conferences about innovation, invention, hacking, technology & cyber security. He has spoken at Singularity University, Stanford, the United Nations, the World Economic Forum at Davos, the Microsoft CEO Summit, the CIA, Google Zeitgeist, The Milken Global Conference, and to many of the top tech companies and conferences in the world. As a viral TED Talk speaker, his videos have over 20 million views.

Currently, Speaker Pablos Holman is working to rearchitect industries with the superpowers of automation, robotics & machine learning. He is on the faculty of Singularity University, founder of Bombsheller and an advisor to & Glowforge.



“Just wanted to let you know that we just finished with Pablos’ talk and it was one of the best, if not the best, talk we’ve had in all of our editions so far. His talk was inspiring, full of good insights and he was funny and serious all together. The Q&A went great as well, really good overall.”
– F. Volonterio
Mercado Libre

“Briefly wanted to reach out and say thank you to Pablos for a tremendous Masterclass yesterday, it was fantastic welcoming him. It was a great Masterclass and have received tons of positive feedback, so I very much hope we can get to do it again in the future.”
– F. Linderberg
Presidents Summit

“To let you know the evening with Pablos was a big success! His presentation at the cyber-conference was also.I think we had a crowd of around 1300 people at his evening talk, those at the dinner found him so warm and accessible as his companion….my feedback from audience attendees was ” one of the most enlightening talks ever in city”.He also stayed afterward to talk to students and audience members, which was wonderful of him. So again big hit and loved his advice on not watching daily news! Thank you for working with me on bringing him to Tulsa. Enjoyed putting together this event with you.”
– Suzanne OBrien
U of Tulsa

“Thank you for making time in your busy schedule to speak at the 2019 WSADA Convention in Kauai.
You met and exceeded every expectation and most certainly held the audience’s attention. Your presentation on up-and-coming technology and they small, impactful ways we can affect those globally for a better tomorrow left us wanting even more.”

-Vicki, EVP, WSADA

“Well, Pablos absolutely killed it last Thursday here in Bend! I mean he was already my favorite speaker for getting in the car and driving north in a snow storm when the SFO flights continued to cancel and delay. What a frickin rock star!! And then he brought it. Everyone was so interested, there were a ton of questions during Q&A, and the audience was intently listening throughout his presentation. I am hearing “best luncheon event ever” by many critical folks so YAY and I’m so incredibly grateful.”
-Erin Reilly
Director of Events

“It seems that Pablos was one of the most popular or, even, the most popular, speaker we have had since I started here in 2011. People are raving about him, which makes me look incredibly good, as well!”
– Kenneth Freeland
Economic Forecast Project

“Dear Pablos,
What a great presentation! Thank you for giving it at our fall convention. I think you may be the all-time favorite – and I have been here 26 years, so they’ve seen a few! Let me know if you need more problems – we have some…
– K. Mitchell

“Please accept my sincerest appreciation for speaking at Humana’s 8th Annual Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW). It was truly my pleasure to meet you and attend your session. Through your presentation, we were able to spread the importance of cyber security and reinforce the mission of our department, Enterprise Information Protection, to Humana associates across the company. We have received numerous compliments from associates about how much they enjoyed your presentation. In fact, this year was the most attended CSAW to date with over 21,000 associates attending events throughout the week. This reflects a 40% increase in attendance over last year, and we appreciate the role you played in making that happen!”
– Jon Moore
Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Enterprise Information Protection (EIP)

“I wanted to share my thanks and gratitude to Pablos for his tremendous work at BTG’s program last week.
I shared some very last-minute feedback with Pablos and he was able to expertly incorporate that feedback into his session and deliver a truly remarkable session, both addressing my client’s goals for his session, but also incorporating that feedback to address other topics that were not as well addressed earlier in the program. All the best,
– Ryan Glaze
Program Manager, Innovation Strategies
Singularity U

“Hi Chris,
We had another successful event thanks in no small part to your power house of folks!
Speaker Pablos Holman as usual left us all better informed and contemplating the future with a “we can do it” leveraging technology perspective.  He is a voice of reason in a world of confusion and I hope he becomes a household name.  We need smart people like him telling us what we should do.
– Eric Foster
VP of Marketing


Pablos speaks expertly on a variety of topics. Below, you will find the descriptions of his two most popular speaking topics. Additionally, he also expertly delivers compelling speeches about: The Future of Technology, IOT, Industry 4.0, Cyber Security, Invention/ Problem Solving, and 3D Printing. Pablos always customizes his presentations for every audience’s themes, topics, issues, and industry.

Innovate or Die Trying– From the Mind of World Renown Hacker, Speaker Pablos Holman
How many taxi companies could have made their own iPhone app but didn’t?  Everyone knows they had better innovate or die, but what does that really mean?  How do you know if Silicon Valley is going to come after your industry?  Can we learn to innovate faster than our competitors?  If computers can do the job of a truck driver, what about a factory worker, or a chef, or a doctor, or you?

Pablos is one of the rare technologists who can both understand and explain these new technologies and their potential.  Working with them every day at his lab, his team has taken on problems ranging from hurricane suppression to brain surgery & disease eradication to nuclear energy.

A futurist, inventor, and notorious hacker with a unique view into breaking and building new technologies, Pablos works on invention projects that assimilate new technologies – making wild ideas a bit more practical and vice versa. He helped create the world’s smallest PC; 3D printers at Makerbot; spaceships with Jeff Bezos; Mosquito zapping lasers with Bill Gates; artificial intelligence agent systems; and the Hackerbot, a Wi-Fi seeking robot.  He is also an advisor to the biggest crowdfunding campaign in history, raising $27 Million in 30 days, for the 3D printer – Glowforge.

Take Aways:

  • Get into the mindset of the words most innovative people.
  • Glimpse into the next generation technologies nobody has seen yet.
  • Understand how to have a practical relationship with innovation.

The Future of Technology and Innovation in Health Care
Health care is one of the most important frontiers for innovation, but the industry often struggles to keep up with technologies driving the change. Armed with deep experience in creating new technologies, Pablos is one of the extraordinary few who can demystify them and the process of innovation needed to bring them into the world.

Pablos answers only to Nathan Myhrvold, the creator of Windows at Microsoft, at an innovative Lab in Seattle, where all kinds of futuristic invention projects are underway. Collaborating with Bill Gates to develop technologies for humanitarian impact, the Lab has invented a reactor powered by nuclear waste; an AI powered microscope to automate malaria diagnostics; a super thermos that can keep vaccines cold with no power for months & a laser that can shoot mosquitoes out of the sky.

Having worked on a brain surgery tool; a cure for cancer; health care data architecture; low cost medical devices for the developing world & 3D food printers, Speaker Pablos Holman has a unique point of view on the future of health care. Whether inspiring institutional audiences at Humana & Kaiser Permanente or groups like the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine & the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Pablos offers a relevant mix of education, entertainment, vision & inspiration.

Our Privacy, Cyber Security and New Frontiers
Computers have infiltrated every area of our lives and our companies. These computers have given us intoxicating knowledge, powers and capabilities. We’ve also inherited a cosmos of complications and consequences that we are only beginning to comprehend. Built with layers upon layers of technical components, the systems we use are vulnerable to all kinds of misuse. Opportunity lies here for innovators, some of whom have created entire new industries, some of whom have found ways to wreck havoc on nearly all of us.

Pablos is a hacker with a deep understanding of these issues. He will show how the mind of a hacker works and how it can be deployed for the right
reasons or wrong reasons. You’ll learn that nothing is secure, that maintaining privacy & security in the modern world is a war of escalation. You will never win, but you can learn to mitigate your risk and lose less severely.

Pablos On Banking / Financial Tech
Banking and finance are important frontiers for innovation, but these industries often struggle to keep up with technologies driving the change.  Armed with deep experience in creating new technologies, Pablos is one of extraordinary few who can demystify them and the process of innovation needed to bring them into the world.

Having worked on a cryptocurrency since the 1990s; artificial intelligence for the stock market in the 2000s; and the depths of cybersecurity, Pablos has a unique point of view on the future of finance and banking.  Whether inspiring institutional audiences at SWIFT, Credit Suisse & Fidelity or groups like the World Economic Forum at Davos, Pablos offers a relevant mix of education, entertainment, vision & inspiration.

 Pablos On Crypto Tech
Crypto technologies are coming of age and entire industries are being reinvented around these new possibilities.  Pablos was part of the early Cypherpunks community where many of these technologies and the philosophy around them originated.  Armed with deep experience in cryptocurrency, Pablos is one of the extraordinary few who can demystify these technologies and the potential they to bring to the world.

Having worked on cryptocurrency, anonymity systems & secure services since the 1990s, Pablos has always been ahead of the curve with his unique point of view on the future of crypto technologies.  Whether inspiring audiences at SWIFT, Credit Suisse, Fidelity or groups like Singularity University and the World Economic Forum at Davos, Pablos offers a relevant mix of education, entertainment, vision & inspiration.

Implementing Science Fiction
Pablos and his team became the most prolific inventors in America – by creating a process of “team sport invention.”  There is a lot to learn about innovation from people working at one extreme end of the spectrum and Pablos will be talking about how they get ahead of the rest of the world and invent for the near future.

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