Josh Tickell

NY Times Critics’ Pick Journalist
Oscar Shortlisted, Sundance-Award-Winning Film Director
Expert on Generations in the Workplace & Sustainability.

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Josh Tickell is an award-winning film director, author, and according to INC. Magazine, is America’s #1 Strategist on generational issues in the workplace, with a focus on the Millenials / GenY Generation (those born between 1980 and 2000).  He is also a recognized thought leader and relied upon expert on Sustainability with a focus in Energies, Agriculture, and Wellness.    

His directorial debut movie FUEL went viral, capturing the Sundance Film Festival’s prestigious Best Documentary Award and millions of viewers worldwide.  After it was shortlisted for an Oscar, the movie was screened in the White House for the Obama Administration.  Josh’s films have also been awarded Official Selection at Cannes Film Festival, Best Documentary at several Film Festivals, and in 2017 he won Best of Festival and Best Documentary at the Sedona Film Festival for Good Fortune, a movie about legendary businessman (founder Paul Mitchell hair products, Patron Tequila) and conscious capitalist pioneer, John Paul DeJoria.  His multiple award winning films have been featured on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Video, and multiple media outlets, as well as in theaters worldwide.  

Josh’s motto is: “The History of the Future is Being Written Today.” He educates companies and organizations on the broad megatrends that are shaping society –  focusing on trends that are being driven by the 80-million-person Millennial, GenY generation (the largest generation in history) including Generations in the Workplace, Sustainability, Conscious Capitalism, and Wellness.  

Josh speaks to global audiences at companies such as Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Walmart, and Fidelity, at major conventions such as the Young Presidents Organization Global EDGE and MPI’s IMEX America, and for institutions such as MIT and many governmental agencies and associations.  He has also presented to over 150 colleges in the US and overseas.  Josh has been a featured guest on Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show and Good Morning America and is a regularly featured opinion leader in major media outlets including:









Josh Tickell is America’s No. 1 strategist for connecting with Generation Y – Inc. Magazine. In 2008, Tickell’s movie FUEL won the Sundance Audience Award and was shown in the White House. As a result, he traveled to and spoke at 150 universities worldwide. This spurred Tickell’s interest in what has today become known as the “Millennial” generation. With half of the world’s population now under the age of 35 years, Tickell has spent much of the last decade interviewing and researching this “youth tsunami,” as he calls it. His research is cataloged in his new book, The Revolution Generation – How Millennials Can Save America and The World (ef, which will be released on October 2, 2018. He speaks on how to empower today’s youth to effectively lead in business and civic life. Tickell also reveals the secrets to engaging and capturing this generation as consumers and shows how to turn them into loyal customers.


For over two decades, Tickell has been a thought leader and consultant in the sustainable business world. He has worked intimately with the founders of some of today’s cutting edge “triple bottom line” companies including John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods (who wrote the forward to Tickell’s book, Kiss the Ground), and John Paul DeJoria, founder of Paul Mitchell Hair and Patron, (whose biographical film, GOOD FORTUNE, Tickell co-directed). The list of companies for whom Tickell has consulted on sustainability initiatives includes Audi, GM’s Electric Vehicle Division, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, Walmart and many food and agricultural companies. Tickell speaks on the cutting edge of developing businesses that will survive and thrive into the next century.


Josh Tickell’s journey to health has been multifaceted from a deep investigation about the health of our planet (with pollution from fossil fuels vs. solar and wind) to learning about the health of our soil to ultimately learning about the health of our bodies. It’s all encapsulated in his new book, Kiss the Ground, which is very hopeful and full of whole-body-mind-spirit health tips.  He will rock any audience with a presentation full of inspiration, positive insights and useful takeaways on this topic!  

Kiss the Ground will also be a movie coming out in 2018, click here to view the trailer.
Click here to see Josh talking about his new movie and book, Kiss the Ground
Click here to see a quick video by Josh, talking about food and health wellness



Ken Rutkowski – Creator and Host of Voice of Disruption
“Tickell is at the cutting edge of what’s trending and what’s about to happen.”

Dr. Sabrina Kay – Chancellor and CEO Fremont College/Fremont Private Investments
“Josh is one of the preeminent voices of the Millennial Generation taking his nuanced insight of today’s youth and translating it into extraordinary visions on screen. Josh remains at the vanguard of wholly evolving a new educational model. His work and passion are both an inspiration to think differently in all aspects of our business.”

Ryan Craig – Managing Director, University Ventures
“Josh Tickell is the most insightful thinker on the millennial generation and how this generation’s unique characteristics require a very different way of doing business.  If colleges and universities are going to stay in business, they would do well to heed Josh’s guidance and profound wisdom.”

Li Jiang – Chief Evangelist, GSVlabs | Investment Professional, GSV Asset Management
“Josh is one of the rare people who can both find important insights and deliver it in a compelling way to inspire positive action. I’m honored to have joined him in a discussion about Millennials to help ‘crack the code’ on what drives this generation of change makers. Millennials don’t just show up to his movies – they show up to his movies, and then go start companies to solve the current problems in the world.” 

Lissette Khatib – Americorps Team Leader  Robert R. McCormick Foundation, Maria Saucedo Scholastic Academy City Year Chicago
“Josh Tickell is a man who truly understands the Millenial generation. I feel very honored that I was given the opportunity to work with him. He is well versed in the many myths and realities surrounding my generation and he knows that we are rising and we are worth investing in.” 

Bryan Birch – Rocky Mountain Sustainability Fair 
“Rarely do I find a speaker who is equal parts expert, celebrity and pioneer.”

John Shaeffer – President and Founder, Real Goods and The Solar Institute 
“A true pioneer and an exciting and inspirational speaker.”


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