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A world-renowned educator, thought leader, and former California Teacher of the Year.
Author of Moonshots in Education, Launching Blended Learning in the Classroom.
Viral TEDx speaker and Huffington Post blogger.

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Esther Wojcicki is a renowned American educator, journalist, author and mother of three incredibly successful daughters.  She is a leader in the Blending Learning space, teaching science through AR, and many believe she has the silver bullet to solving today’s education problems.  Esther believes that every child deserves to be taught in a way that enriches their minds, unlocks their true potential, and provides them with lifelong skills to flourish in today’s world.  That means giving students control of at least 20% of their learning in the school day.   Her kids are taught and empowered to become “do-ers”, investigators, problem solvers.  This process enhances their critical thinking skills which empowers their life and business skills.  Today, she says, kids are taught to memorize things and take tests, which is NOT learning. It is just memorizing.  She also talks about how parents should parent in today high stress, social media age. 

Esther is a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at MediaX at Stanford, and is the founder of the Palo Alto High School Media Arts Program – one of the top programs for journalism in the nation which grew from a small group of 20 students in 1984 to one of the largest in the nation including 600 students, five additional journalism teachers, and nine award-winning journalism publications.  She is the subject of national articles in Time Magazine, multiple newspapers, and is the author of viral blog posts for the Huffington Post, and many other media outlets, and has gone viral online with her TEDx and other speeches.  She wrote a popular book entitled Moonshots in Education: Launching Blended Learning in the Classroom (2015).  Esther has always been at the forefront of emerging trends in education and has been intimately involved with Google and GoogleEdu since its inception, where she was one of the leaders in setting up the Google Teacher Academy and remains a guiding force. 

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Esther believes that when educators adopt a powerful new mindset that anything is truly possible.  Many of her students, including several prominent journalists and the multi-talented James Franco, have gone on to do incredible things!  In addition to winning California Teacher of the Year in 2002, she was also a recipient of the Gold Key by Columbia Scholastic Press Association in recognition of outstanding devotion to the cause of the school press.  She is a Board member of the Alliance for Excellent Education and on the board of Newseum in Washington D.C. and is former Chair of Creative Commons.  Esther has been a Consultant for the U.S Department of Education, The United Nations, Hewlett Foundation, Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching, Google, Silicon Valley Education Foundation, and Time Magazine Education.  She has two honorary doctorates, one from Palo Alto University (2013) and one from Rhode Island School of Design (2016)

As an educator, she is especially proud to be the mother of three highly successful daughters.  Susan is CEO of YouTube, Janet is Prof. of Pediatrics at UCSF working on the obesity epidemic and Anne is Founder of 23andMe and is former wife of Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google. 

“Dear Esther –

We cannot thank you enough for your amazing presentation today. I know our teacher education candidates gained important new insights from your words. Your presentation was inspiring, and your dialogue with the SLA students (and Chris) was indeed powerful. It was a truly inspiring and thought-provoking discussion for all attendees. You have reminded me that “seeing is believing”, and it is critical that we expose our teacher education candidates early and often to a student-centered, blended learning environment. This is truly an imperative movement in K-12 education, and more importantly, in teacher preparation. I think all teacher educators and pre-service teachers should read your book! Thank you again for an outstanding event. I was honored to step in for Dean Songer this evening. It was a pleasure to meet you.

Safe travels back to the west coast!”

Best regards,
Sarah Ulrich, Ed.D.
Associate Dean of Teacher Education & Undergraduate Affairs
Clinical Professor
The School of Education
Drexel University


Esther Wojcicki and Jaime Casap meet at Google to talk about her new book “Moonshots in Education: Launching Blended Learning in the Classroom.” Wojcicki also talks about her personal experience growing a program based on trusting and honoring her students. Esther Wojcicki is an American journalist, educator, and vice chair of the Creative Commons board of directors.

“Thinking big about Education: Empowering Students”- Esther Wojcicki, the head of Palo Alto High School’s journalism program and a distinguished visiting scholar at Stanford’s MediaX, speaks about the need for educators to empower their students by allowing them to lead, show what they can do and take control of their own learning.


Mom and daughter: YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki sits down with her mother Esther to talk about how her difficult childhood motivated her to become a journalist and teacher.

This is what a revolutionary classroom looks like today – Filmed at Palo Alto High School Media Arts Center with Esther Wojcicki and Paul Kandell



In this heartfelt TEDxBeaconStreet talk, education innovator Esther Wojcicki shares the simple but powerful formula she used to raise three highly successful children and to build one of the most dynamic and successful high school media studies programs in the U.S.

Esther Wojcicki discusses the necessity to change the classroom culture into an environment where students have more control of their own learning. Wojcicki advocates for a classroom in which instruction is supported by technology and real world projects that students choose for themselves.


Esther Wojcicki discusses the necessity to change the classroom culture into an environment where students have more control of their own learning. Wojcicki advocates for a classroom in which instruction is supported by technology and real world projects that students choose for themselves.



  • Visionary for Google Teacher Academy 2007
  • Visionary for Google Faculty Institute 2012
  • Advisor to Google Docs Team 2005- present
  • Adviser to 2008
  • Hewlett Foundation OER consultant 2007 to 2012
  • Consultant for the National Writing Project 2008
  • UC Office of the President Author of Curriculum for Beginning.and Advanced Journalism for the
  • a-g credit 2008
  • Adviser to Pearson Foundation 2007-9
  • Collaborator with Joan Ganz Cooney Foundation (Sesame Workshop) 2009-2011
  • Consultant Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Consultant 2010-2011
  • CEO and Co-Founder of 2013-present
  • HuffingtonPost blogger 2009-present


  • Board of Directors Newseum, Washington D.C. 2015
  • Chair of the Board of Directors of Creative Commons 2009-2011
  • Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of Creative Commons 2011-present
  • Board of Directors for Teachers 2007 to present
  • Advisory Board for 2007 to present
  • Board of Directors for VIP 2007 to present
  • Consultant for 2006 to present
  • Director of Education Varian Fry Foundation Ongoing
  • President of the Friends of the Lurdes Mutola Foundation (Mozambique) 2007-present
  • Chairman of the Board of PBS Learning Matters 2011-present
  • Governor on Board of Governors of the Alliance for Excellent Education in DC 2008-present
  • Board of Directors of the Developmental Studies Center 2009-present
  • Koret-Taube Advisory Board 2013
  • Board of Directors for Obama Administration’s Future Ready Schools (to launch October 2014)
  • Advisory Board for Owl Venture Capital, Woodside, CA June, 2014
  • Board of Advisors for
  • Board of Advisors for

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