Derek Gaunt

Leadership Expert. Lead Washington DC area Hostage Negotiator. Author of "Ego, Authority, and Failure"


Derek Gaunt is the former leader and commander of hostage negotiations teams in Washington DC for 20 years, the author of Ego, Authority, Failure.

He is a hostage negotiation and incident command subject matter expert, well versed in de-escalating emotions and returning people to a normal functioning level for better decision-making and behavioral change.  Derek’s passion for interpersonal communications began when he was selected as a detective in the Criminal Investigations Section of a municipal police agency.

He spent the majority of his law enforcement career in the Criminal Investigations Section as a detective, supervisor and eventually commander of major crimes. In 1997, he took his passion for interpersonal communications to the next level, becoming a hostage negotiator. Once he became a supervisor, his passion transitioned from “doing” to teaching the concepts to others.  He speaks often to groups who want one of the world’s top Negotiation, Leadership and Communication experts.  His presentations are engaging and filled with useful techniques for understanding human nature responses and improving interpersonal communications.

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