Darren Kavinoky

Expert legal analyst, "misbehavior" expert, inspirational champion of emergency and law enforcement agencies, creator and host of the hit TV shows "Deadly Sins", "Did He Do It?", and "Breaking Point" on the Discovery Networks, serial entrepreneur.


Darren Kavinoky is a well-known defense attorney, and is best known for creating and staring in three hit TV shows on the Investigation Discovery Channel: “Deadly Sins”, “Did He Do It?”, and “Breaking Point”. He is also a certified interventionist, attorney and legal analyst, and “misbehavior” expert who appears constantly on the Today show, The View, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, CNN, HLN, Fox News, and countless other TV and radio shows.

More important than his professional accomplishments is the compelling inspirational tale he has to share.

Once an overweight kid from a dysfunctional family, he went on to suffer from his own addictions which plagued him for many years. To call his downward spiral a “bottom” is a gross understatement; Darren lost everything. But in May of 2000, after two decades of battling his demons, Darren experienced a pivotal moment. Since then, the kid who wore “husky” sized Toughskins has completed seven Ironman triathlons. The bankrupt attorney who swept floors in a furniture store has created several multi-million dollar businesses. As an interventionist and an in-demand speaker, Darren is now obsessed with helping people and organizations produce their own pivotal moments that are just as powerful.

Darren is a true “misbehavior” expert – his own and other people’s! This has given Darren a unique and refreshing perspective. He has the innate ability to authentically connect with people from all walks of life, from white collar to blue collar to no collar, a talent that has resulted in rave reviews from jurors, TV producers, and live audiences alike.

Darren is a speaker’s speaker.  He inspires audiences everywhere and constantly gets glowing reviews. He’s described as a “dynamic, polished, inspiring, funny, and most importantly authentic” speaker.  Besides his signature keynote, Be The Billboard, he is also asked to speak on topics as varied as media, negotiation, pop culture, branding, and of course, anything having to do with law.

On Darren’s passion for speaking to law related audiences:

Being a lawyer has brought me to my “inner entrepreneur,” so it’s especially gratifying to be able to share that experience with other people. Over the last two decades, I’ve seen the legal field evolve and morph to a point where lawyers can no longer rely only on legal skill as a barometer of business success. I’ve had to learn more about marketing, selling, operational infrastructure, and scalable ways to deliver legal services than I ever expected. There is an enormous gulf between what it takes to be a winning lawyer in court, and what it takes to win at the intellectual sport of business. I would love the opportunity to share my experience in building a multi-million dollar business with legal audiences (and will happily translate my speech to Legalese!).

On Darren’s passion for speaking to Law Enforcement related audiences:

Getting to deliver my signature keynote, What’s On Your Billboard?, was a powerful experience. The point of the speech is that we all have a remarkable ability to transform our own lives, to inspire countless others, and practical tips to actually do it on a daily basis. The Minnesota Correctional Officers Association was an especially important audience for this message because of the population they deal with on a daily basis, and the vital role they can play helping to impact addiction and recidivism, two problems that cost our country hundreds of billions of dollars each year. I’m grateful for the opportunity to carry that message.


“Darren’s speech was very well-received and played an important role in motivating our members to take challenges head on. His talk was both enlightening and rousing.”

-Stephen J. Weitekamp, President of CMSA

“I’m a professional meeting and event planner, and I’ve seen many speakers. Darren is, quite simply, one of the best. He is dynamic, polished, inspiring, funny, and most importantly, authentic. His delivery is beyond compelling, however, it is his ability to emotionally connect with his audience that changes lives when he presents. I will absolutely book Darren again!”

-Rebekah Hubbell, Meeting Planner

“WOW! Darren is an amazing speaker with an inspirational story that anyone can relate to. He is the perfect example of what is possible!”
-Vicky La Celle, Orange County Paralegals Association President, APC 

“Bravo Darren Kavinoky! Your story is eye-opening, motivating, touching, educational, & infectious.  #BeTheBillboard”
Samantha Schacher Co-Host/Pop Culture Expert Dr Drew On Call on HLN

“It is always so great to have you on the show … you are such a pro!”
Dr. Phil McGraw

“Darren is the Voice of Reason.”
Host, Jane Velez-Mitchell on HLN


Be The Billboard

“Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”
– Dean Vernon Wormer, Animal House

Be The Billboard is an inspiring access to personal and organizational change that begins by considering the “billboard” that all of us are, and will be in the future. Are we an example? Or a warning?
Be The Billboard is more than just personal transformation; it is also a vehicle to inspire change in others, especially within organizations, families or teams. You don’t need to be a celebrity for your face to grace an important “billboard” and to stand for something that matters for reasons much larger than individual benefit.
Most importantly, Be The Billboard isn’t just future-based; it’s not next year’s car or next season’s new clothes. We are all already being a billboard for something. All of us go through life as an example or a warning. What’s on your billboard? What do you want it to be? Be The Billboard will ensure that those answers will be in total alignment, effective right now.
Audiences will learn:

  • The one mental condition that must exist before any meaningful change can happen (and how to create that condition before they leave the room);
  • New distinctions in changing thinking;
  • How to outgrow problems, transcend them, and ensure they don’t reappear starting right now, today;
  • You hit rock bottom when you stop picking up the shovel to start digging again. Why not starting again is more important than stopping in the first place;
  • Why “action” is the magic word, and how to effectively remove all obstacles which have existed in the past;
  • How the concept of legacy can be a powerful tool to create change, and more importantly, how to use it with velocity;
  • And much more!

People are creatures of habit. We have conscious and subconscious patterns that rule our lives – thoughts, processes, and relationship patterns, at home and at the office. Some patterns, of course, are good, but many patterns are limiting and hold you back from what you truly want to accomplish – new projects, bigger goals, business growth.

Breaking bad patterns can lead to amazing breakthroughs. If only it were that simple.

Darren Kavinoky is an expert in transforming limiting patterns into pathways to success. Darren runs a successful law firm, is a regular commentator on national news channels, and has his own show on Investigation Discovery. However, Darren’s path to success wasn’t typical and, in fact, was unexpected.

Darren fought a life-long battle with drug addiction that nearly cost him his life. He tried multiple times to break his harmful habits, and failed. It wasn’t until he realized and utilized three key strategies that he finally conquered his addiction.

Darren experienced his own pivotal moment of change in May, 2000, and now he shares with audiences around the world how the three strategies that ended his addiction have also been essential to his business success.

Darren uncovers a misconception about ending limiting behavior, reveals the fastest way to break bad habits (and talks about why most people get this step wrong), and a crucial psychological barrier that hold people back, but no one ever talks about it.

Darren’s speech has heart, humor, and most of all, clear strategies that your audience can use right away!

The Top 10 Things YOU Need to Know When Your Best Client Calls From Jail


It’s 3 a.m., and a phone is ringing. It’s not a phone ringing in the White House (remember that TV commercial for Hillary Clinton?); it’s YOUR phone, and on the other end of that phone is your best client. They are calling from jail.  What do you need to know to be of maximum help in that moment?

For those who are trusted advisors, including business managers, lawyers who practice in areas other than criminal defense, accountants or other financial professionals, or simply those who are important friends, who better than Darren Kavinoky to help guide you through this process?  Darren is far more than a TV legal analyst and host of crime shows on Investigation Discovery; he has been a lawyer for over two decades, and is the recipient of countless awards for his work in representing an assortment of clients from white collar to blue collar to no collar.

The Top 10 Things YOU Need to Know When Your Best Client Calls From Jail will certainly entertain, engage, and enlighten, as audiences learn:

  • Why that first call from jail could torpedo the entire case;
  • How to find people who are in custody;
  • How to get their client or friend released, with or without a bail bondsman;
  • What to do if the arrest is a wake-up call to address other issues, such as a problem with alcohol or drugs;
  • What are the first things to do after the client is released (and which ones are time-sensitive!);
  • When it’s advisable to speak to law enforcement, and who should be there;
  • How do you keep a high-profile client out of the spotlight and away from the press;
  • And much more!

Darren’s presentation can be customized to the unique needs of your audience, so please feel free to reach out to discuss how this material can truly deliver value to you.

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