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How do you set a tone of collaboration that sticks—especially with someone that sees the negotiation as win-lose, and they want you to lose? It’s easier than you might think. The secret to gaining the upper hand in negotiation is simple: Give the other side the illusion of control. Read more
The artificial intelligence revolution isn’t coming, it’s already here. Take it from Gov. Jared Polis, a veteran of the tech startup scene introduced as Colorado’s “innovator in chief” Wednesday at a Denver Startup Week panel on the evolution of technology and its impact on everyday life. Read more
Impossible Science curator Jason Latimer has a deep passion for magic and science alike, combining them in his live performances to great effect. In this exclusive snippet from our interview, Latimer explains the trick he believes has the most scientific relevance. Read more
Speaking at Fortune’s CEO Initiative conference on Tuesday, the futurist and inventor gave a condensed history of humankind that highlighted what he described as the essentially positive influences of technology. In the millions of years since hominids first arrived, we have been making tools and “inventing solutions to the hard technical problems that kept people from thriving,” he said. Read more
If her own powerful brood—daughters Susan, Janet, and Anne—is any indication, her methods work. Read more
How do we shake ourselves out of our extremely personalized versions of reality? Read more
As companies build out their sales organizations, I find that more and more are putting younger team members–millennials–in charge of connecting with buyers at earlier stages of the sales cycle. That helps explain why, as I train and advise sales teams, many report a rising inter-generational challenge. Read more
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