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For many riders, historians and athletes, Rodney Mullen is the most influential street skater in the sport's history. Read more
Focus begins in the morning, Kwik says. And most entrepreneurs destroy it by reaching for their phones. “When you wake up, you’re in this relaxed state of awareness — it’s the most relaxed you’ll feel the entire day,” he says. “When you pick up your device, you’re rewiring your brain for two things — for distraction, and then something even worse, reaction.” Read more
As FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss says in his viral masterclass on negotiation, all of us negotiate in some way every single day. Negotiation is the way by which we work with others, find win-wins and get things done, which can apply to everything from landing a reservation at a restaurant at the last minute to successfully closing a multi-million dollar deal within just a few meetings. There are many popular books on negotiation from which you can learn exactly what to do, but those strategies weaken when you also succumb to negotiation "don’ts." These sneaky mistakes happen to the best of us, but must be avoided in order to have a successful negotiation and to get what you want out of the situation. This can apply to negotiating salary, coming to terms for a business deal or partnership, hiring a contractor or any of your other business or financial needs. Everything is a negotiation. In fact, 70% of managers see an offer of a salary and benefits as a starting point that’s up for negotiation. Price and features are all relative, and others are more open to negotiation than you may believe. Avoid these mistakes to get more of what you want from a conversation. Read more
If you haven’t read Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, do so during this crisis. While we won’t endure 100 years of isolation—heaven forbid— reflect on Garcia Marquez’s procreation of people and places removed, isolated, from the worlds we know. Like most of us are living now. Read more
The gaming industry was already doing well, generating more than $120 billion in 2019. Then came 2020: The (first) year of lockdowns, social distancing and just overall deadly pandemic vibes. A June report by Newzoo found that the global gaming market would generate $159.3 billion in revenue in 2020, representing a more than 9.3% increase over the previous year. If this upward trend continues — and gaming-related sales indicate it will — 2021 could be even more astronomically profitable for this increasingly mainstream market. Read more
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