Tom Edwards

Recognized in 2017 by Advertising Age as Marketing Technology Trailblazer. Trends expert in Digital, Social, Mobile, AI, Connected / Immersive experiences, and emerging Tech. Chief Digital Officer, Agency, Epsilon.

Tom EdwardsTom was recently recognized by Advertising Age as a 2017 Marketing Technology Trailblazer. For the past 17 years, Tom has focused on the intersection of emerging technology and its impact on consumer behavior and how to bring “Innovation to Reality”™.

Tom regularly provides thought leadership and commentary via business and advertising publications driving millions of views. Tom speaks regularly (domestic & international) as a futurist on topics of data design, artificial intelligence and the evolution of consumer experience.

Tom has recently been a featured keynote for many of the biggest marketing world events including: Mobile World Congress, Ad Age Data, Modern Marketing Summit, Ad:Tech, AAF, C-Suite Network, iieX North America, iMedia, Social Media Week, Digital Hollywood, Digital Dallas, and more.

Tom is an in demand industry expert in:

  • Digital 
  • Data Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Consumer Decision Journey
  • IoT and Connected Experiences 
  • Emerging Technology
  • Voice & Conversational Experiences
  • Immersive Experiences (AR/VR/Mixed Reality)
  • Social Media 
  • Personal Branding & Leadership
  • Data-Driven Content & Creative


The E^3 Topic 

E^3 is a strategic framework created by Tom Edwards and is the latest addition to Innovation to Reality™. E^3 outlines the exponential acceleration of experience through technologies that empower consumers, intelligent systems that enhance and contextual and ambient environments that will redefine our reality. This session highlights the convergence of experience and explores the evolution of mobile as well as what happens when it’s no longer just about the consumer and we are marketing to algorithms.


– Attendees will see how technology has evolved during the life of Gen Z.

– A look at how technology that empowers consumers such as camera as a platform, is changing how we interface and interact with technology.

– We will explore intelligent systems from conversational experiences, machine and deep learning and the topic of intelligence augmentation.

– An overview of computer vision and the role of location data + augmented reality on redefining the world through the lens of Gen Z.

– Implications for marketers to consider as we evolve from consumer-centric marketing to system based marketing through algorithms.  






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