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Renée Strauss is one of the most sought after bridal experts in the world. After founding the premier Beverly Hills luxury bridal salon, Renée Strauss for the Platinum Bride, and running it for thirty years, Renée transformed a single digit retail store into a globally recognized brand.

Through her hit TV show, Brides of Beverly Hills, which continues to delight audiences around the world, and her popular Huffington Post blog, she connects with fans all across the country—and globally. In fact, Strauss travels internationally to speak to wedding industry professionals and frequently makes appearances at bridal expos and events. A weekly regular on the popular nationally syndicated radio show Business Rockstars, Strauss also serves on the program’s panel of mentors through which she encourages aspiring entrepreneurs.

The go-to stylist for celebrities and trendsetting brides-to-be, Renée is frequently called upon by film, television, commercial and print productions for her expertise. Not only has Renée produced a wedding at the Vatican, she designed and produced the wedding party wardrobe (and has a cameo appearance) in the iconic Disney film Father of the Bride. Her additional credits include Runaway Bride, Mr. Magoo, General Hospital (fifteen years), Dallas, Dynasty, Guns ‘N Roses November Rain and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Hollywood icons such as Laura Linney, Heather Locklear, Don Henley (of The Eagles), Gerald (Mac) McCraney (House of Cards) and many, many more have trusted Renée to be an integral part of their wedding days.

Currently serving as LE and Luxe Hotels Lifestyle & Wedding Ambassador, Renée produces events at properties worldwide. She is the Creator Director and Executive Producer of the annual luxury show, the Luxe Hotels Wedding Event.



 An internationally recognized celebrity and businesswoman, Renée Strauss can speak with authority on various facets of the bridal retail industry, from interior design of the space, to buying, from up and down market trends to how to survive and outshine the competition. But, beyond bridal, her strength lies in educating other women on how to build a business from the ground up, drawing upon her trials and tribulations, as well as her ultimate success.

 She can explain how to build lasting relationships through creative and innovative networking and the importance of choosing the right people with whom to surround yourself. In clarifying how to follow through on your vision and brand your business, she can also explain how to effectively market yourself even in the most competitive of industries. Her story is not only motivating, but her real-life experiences, from problem-solving to innovation, will inspire like-minded women to embark upon their own business-related dreams.

More In-Depth Business Background Description:

One of the most sought after bridal experts and stylists, Renée Strauss is not only a renowned specialist in bridal fashion, but a trusted industry expert on all things wedding, from etiquette to planning the big day. Through her hit TV show, Brides of Beverly Hills, and her popular Huffington Post blog, Renée Strauss has been able to connect with fans all across the country as well as internationally.

Renée was introduced to the wedding industry through her family’s gourmet catering business in Chicago, where she assisted the design staff in creating spectacular events and formal affairs. These experiences left a lasting impression on Renée, making the importance of quality service, presentation and attention to detail the cornerstones of her career.

Her foray into bridal fashion came after a year’s stay in Europe, where she was educated about the finest fabrics and laces in the world. Inspired by her travels, she purchased a bridal shop in Beverly Hills in 1982. Inventory was updated, the staff personally selected and the storefront’s name changed as Renée embarked upon her lifetime career.

Several years later, the salon moved to a larger location more fitting for Renée’s expanding inventory and clientele. Soon, she became the go-to stylist for celebrity brides-to-be and is frequently called upon by film and television productions for her expertise.

Renée currently shares advice and imparts wisdom about the ins and outs of bridal through her columns on and The Huffington Post, her articles for Beautiful Brides magazine and her weekly updates to her own blog. She also regularly holds seminars and speaking engagements offering insight to fellow bridal retailers, wedding and event specialists and industry professionals.

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