Lisa Haisha

Spiritual Health Authority & Coach; Global Advocate for Women & Children’s Rights; Author, Whispers From Children’s Hearts; World Travel Expert & Cultural Researcher

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Touting a client list that reads like a who’s who of Hollywood and executive elite, Lisa Haisha transforms lives through the combination of her trailblazing form of therapy, Soul Blazing, and penetrative insight derived from extensive travel to over sixty countries.

During her twenty years of passionate globetrotting, Lisa gained a deep understanding of what motivates people toward, and hinders people from, lives of productivity and success– who we are and who we want to be, what we want and what we need, what we fear and what we dream of.

Through penetrative questioning and a highly developed ability to diffuse clients’ egos and fears, Lisa is able to nurture a soul-to-soul exchange, walking the tightrope between the spiritual world and tough love reality. Soul Blazing releases shame and guilt, manifesting inner peace and opening the pathway to your true calling. Soul Blazing provides cherished and lasting changes in people’s lives.

While traditional therapies dance around issues, Soul Blazing burns to the heart of what holds people back, creating a way to communicate and have deeper relationships with yourself, colleagues, family, and friends, helping people lead better lives and achieve their life purpose. It helps businesses grow and creates peace within.

Lisa’s Soul Blazings caught the attention of the top artists and producers at the helm of numerous Hollywood projects including The Big Bang Theory, Django Unchained, CSI Miami, Two and a Half Men, Big Love, Vegas, Pulp Fiction, Batman, Les Mis, and numerous others.

It seemed natural for her to share her refreshingly candid methodologies beyond the boundaries of Hollywood, and Lisa has dedicated her life to helping others fulfill theirs, bringing Soul Blazing to audiences in Keynote speeches, healing workshop retreats, and leadership engagements across the globe.

She is a frequent guestpert on radio and television shows and blogs on Huffington Post, My LA Lifestyle magazine, Jenningswire, and her own at

When Lisa is not guest speaking on television and corporate events, caretaking orphans abroad through her non-profit Whispers From Children’s Hearts, or blazing souls in her revitalizing Soul Blazing Sanctuary, she enjoys traveling, painting, dancing, and time with her husband and daughter, the brightest stars in her sky.

3 Magical Questions. One Book. 
A Global Movement.

When Lisa Haisha decided to ask three simple questions to the child she encountered on her world travels, she had no idea her questions would one day spark a humanitarian mission.

But that’s exactly what happened.

Lisa imagined that, one day, she would publish the children’s responses as a book. But along the way, something unexpected happened.

“After some time passed, and in reading back through all the quotes I had collected,” says Haisha, “I realized there was much more here. The power and mystery embedded in the soul of each child was profound. I felt these children have the ability to show us things we can’t always see ourselves. They are a reflection of our adult world, which has a ripple-down effect on our children, which we ignore at our peril.”

So she continued to travel, collect more quotes, meet more children, and finally decided to create the foundation that bears the book’s name.

Lisa began offering international mission trips to orphanages in some of the most remote, war-torn, and impoverished places on the planet providing provisions and soul care to children in need. Those initial travel missions produced unforgettable and life-changing experiences for all those who went on them.
Today, The Whispers Foundation serves children in over 20 countries.  By fostering cross-cultural awareness marked by compassion, peace, and love, The Whispers From Children’s Hearts Foundation is building bridges of understanding and awareness across the world.

“An amazing insight to the world we live in.”
– Robert Allen, Author & Motivational Speaker

“Read this book and hear your heart whisper.”
– Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the bestselling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

“[This book] touches the inner ear of those willing to listen…These are whispers that long to have a voice.”
– Ben Vereen, Entertainer & Motivational Speaker


Destination YOU!

Harness your leadership ability and charisma through Lisa’s pioneering communication tools.

20 years and over 60 countries later, Lisa’s global adventures culminated in the discovery of her groundbreaking communication tool, SoulBlazing, which she has shared with audiences around the world ranging from Bedouins in the mountains of Petra, to international leadership seminars, and powerhouse women’s summits.

Through her heavily researched 8 Secrets, Lisa’s infectious enthusiasm will grip listeners by the lapels and shake away their deficient communication skills, weary attitudes, and self-defeating habits, providing a crystal-clear blueprint toward a workplace identity defined by high standards and high esteem.

This is not a spectator speech– Your audience will be riding shotgun with Lisa through enlightening anecdotes, instructive exercises, and revealing Q&A’s, culminating in a live SoulBlazing of a member of the audience.

Hollywood A-Listers and the Secrets to Their Success

Become the star of your industry by applying the same leadership techniques of the mightiest moguls in Hollywood to your business.

As a life coach to many of Hollywood’s biggest leaders, Lisa’s behind-the-curtain access exposed the qualities and characteristics they all personify that allowed them to achieve immense success and recognition, and Lisa shares these illuminating observations with your audience.

These are not second-hand stories: Lisa applied these same techniques to her own life to great success. There are no secrets here—these are specific philosophies and tried-and-true points of action (some of which may surprise you) derived from the incredible risk-takers and creative minds that have changed the face of entertainment and technology the world over. Your audience will learn how communication skills equate to connections and charisma, how deals really get made, when doing the opposite of what you think it takes to make a connection or sale is the right choice, and when ego can be the death of a project—all skills equally important to selling movie tickets as they are to selling your company’s products.

Creating Your Legacy

Death is inevitable. How we are remembered is optional, so outlive your life!

How do we want to be remembered, and what will we do about it? Lisa firmly believes that giving back is the fundamental basis for a legacy-leading life and in this Keynote, Lisa will take your audience on a global odyssey (via her book and non-profit Whispers From Children’s Hearts) to teach them how to turn their passions into purposeful work, live from their Authentic Soul, and organize their time and life to accommodate more recreation and self-care. The result? A life changing perspective of service directed toward their colleagues, families, and friends.

Your audience will be able to bring back what they’ve learned and apply it to their daily lives and workplace, their outlook cracked open to reveal their true Authentic Soul.

The shift in global consciousness and human values has never been more evident, and the act of being of service is at the forefront of this movement.

As Lisa reminds her audience, “The presents you share are less important than the presence you share.”


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