Kristin Rivas

Changing Lives with the Power of Words, Renowned Hypnotist, Viral TEDx speaker.

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Kristin Rivas changes lives through the power of words…for a living.  Her keynotes while mesmerizing and unforgettable, are everyday practical.  Renowned for her work in the field of hypnotherapy, Kristin has mastered the art of incepting ideas and brain training.  Her expertise gives her the ability to deliver insights into the topic of confident, effective and strategic communication like no other.   Kristin will not only educate and engage your audience, she will equip them.  Every listener will enjoy a journey of getting to participate as they learn.  New skill sets are put in place to work immediately and get stronger overtime.

Kristin’s Keynote addresses:
Why true leaders…
Speak with empathy not ego
Command presence and power
Are able to inspire vision, action and loyalty
And how you can do the same!

Learn the top three powerhouse skills that enable you to:
Get into the best state to engage, persuade and stay open minded
Overcome barriers and speak directly to any personality type, whatever the conversation

Kristin Rivas was confined to a wheelchair, suffering from a devastating illness, and plagued by pseudo-seizures multiple times a day. After one session with a world-renowned hypnotherapist she experienced a complete and immediate recovery from PTSD, Conversion Disorder, and Major Depressive Disorder. Kristin went on to train as a hypnotherapist and she now uses her knowledge to educate others on the ways words and belief can – and do – change reality.

Kristin Rivas is a professional public speaker, TEDx presenter and former host of Mind Talk Radio on the Chat With Women Network.  Because of her experience as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach, Kristin is a master at communication, persuasion and personal development. She speaks from her heart with both passion and humor on subjects that are inspirational and educational including overcoming adversity and achieving goals through the science of neuro-plasticity and the mind-body connection.  With a personal story of extraordinary transformation and personal achievement, Kristin relates to audiences from personal experience as well as the lessons she’s learned in her work with hundreds of clients. She teaches at workshops for mental health professionals and medical practitioners.  Kristin has been an active volunteer for Mothers Against Drunk Driving since her sister’s death in a DUI accident in 2005. Through these experiences, Kristin has touched and changed the lives of thousands of individuals. She currently maintains a private practice in Seattle, Washington and enjoys speaking to audiences across the nation.  


Inspirational / Motivational Talk:

The Essential Keys to Extreme Resilience

Kristin shares her story of seemingly miraculous recovery from life threatening, debilitating mental illness by the power of the skilled use of healing words alone.  Her talk will highlight the science behind instant change as well as the internal strategies responsible for those who show extreme resilience (the ability to effectively recover from adversity, withstand and adapt to change). Illustrative stories of her work with clients and examples of people in history offer unforgettable proof and models of how these strategies can be applied.



Kristin engages and entertains audiences on the power of your mind to…

    • Become Success Conscious
    • Overcome Fears, Panic and Worry
    • Reduce and Manage Stress
    • Achieve Self Acceptance and Confidence
    • Increase Sales Motivation and Performance
    • Heal a Broken or Grieving Heart
    • Improve Memory, Concentration and Focus
    • Improve Test Taking, Studying and Learning Skills
    • Manage Pain and Promote Healing
    • Overcome Sadness, Anger, and Guilt
    • Overcome Procrastination and Eliminate Bad Habits
    • Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, and Sleep Better
    • Control Eating, Exercising Habits or More

Kristin enjoys speaking with passion and humor on subjects that are inspirational and educational.  As a hypnotherapist and former host of Mind Talk on Chat With Women Network on KKNW 1150am, she often speaks on self-help related subjects, including overcoming fear, bad habits, pain, grief, bad past experiences, the mind-body connection and “How to” speeches (i.e. How To Set Goals).  With a  personal story of miraculous transformation (previously suffered from seizures and confined to a wheelchair before a session of hypnosis), Kristin easily relates to an audience of any size about things she’s found to be helpful in her life as well as the lives of so many clients she’s worked with.

As a professional communicator, it’s Kristin’s job to inspire, educate and motivate who’s listening through the art of storytelling, informing and persuading.  She delivers her message with a captivating, personable, authentic, gentle and yet dynamically powerful, upbeat energy.  Her style and message are always uniquely tailored for the audience and subject to which she is speaking.

To inquire about logistics & fee structure, contact us and include the details of your event.  Who is the audience? When is the event?  What is your budget for speaking?   It’s a pleasure to work together to create a keynote, interactive program, small to large group workshop, or breakout session to fit your desires, needs and budget.

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