Brent Bushnell

CEO of Two Bit Circus, Roboticist, Electrical Engineer, Software Developer
Immersive Entertainment Expert, Authority in Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality


Brent Bushnell is an entrepreneur, electrical engineer, software developer, and an authority in immersive entertainment, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Augmented Reality. Brent is an expert in the art of engagement, and passionate about creating new ways to capture people’s hearts and minds with new technologies. 

He is the CEO and co-founder of Two Bit Circus, a Los Angeles-based experiential entertainment company. The interdisciplinary team strives to create immersive, social fun and is currently building a network of micro-amusement parks featuring free-roaming VR, robot bartenders, an interactive supper club and more.  Previously, Two Bit Circus launched STEAM Carnival, a traveling showcase of high-tech entertainment and student STEAM workshops. They’ve captured action sports content in 360 video for brands like the NFL, NBA, Indy and the Olympics for use in VR activations at the Super Bowl, All Star games and in retail.  They regularly serve as immersive entertainment partners for brands and location-based facilities.

Previously, Brent was the on-camera inventor for the ABC hit TV show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. He was a founding member of Syyn Labs, a creative collective creating stunts for brands like Google and Disney and responsible for the viral “This Too Shall Pass” music video for the band OK Go that garnered 50+ million views on YouTube. 

Brent is board president of the non-profit Two Bit Circus Foundation which deploys STEAM-based programs to inspire students about invention. In his spare time, Brent enjoys mentoring teens in entrepreneurship via programs such as NFTE.  He’s a supporter of Clowns Without Borders and publishes on Twitter @brentbushnell


VR, AR, MR and the future of media & entertainment

A major trend in media is to increase the immersion of the user. After a brief trial in the 90’s, Virtual Reality (VR) is finally ready for prime time and the next step after . The tools of production, distribution, and consumption are finally capable and cost effective to bring this powerful technology to scale.  When technology emerges from the lab, entertainment can be a natural first step. It acts as a safe proving ground before the solution can be applied to more sensitive and critical areas like medicine and education.  

Brent will share the coming future of entertainment across virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and ultimately mixed reality (MR).  MR is particularly exciting for its ability to turn players into real life video game characters. Environmental and distributed device control, AR, VR, haptic elements will be combined to create massively multiplayer, multi-role narrative adventures unlike anything we’ve seen before.

How the Entrepreneur With Crazy Ideas Turns Them Into Meaningful Revenue

The desire for human interaction runs strong and deep.

1. Follow Disney’s 3-step method when brainstorming for new ideas.

First, begin as a dreamer. Nothing is off limits. Fantasize, be absurd, the more outrageous the better. Next, rework the ideas you dreamed about into something more practical. “Of all the things that we had in the dreamer stage, we start to apply some filters to be able to cull that big set into something more reasonable,” said Brent. And finally, in the third step, “Take all the things that made it through the filters and determine what are we actually going to work on. What do we really care about? What do we think makes a ton of sense?” There is an art and science to the brainstorming process.

2. Move from prototype to testing your idea with people as quick as possible.

“The speed with which you can take an idea from concept to working prototype and put in the hands of a user has radically collapsed,” said Brent. With today’s technology, an entrepreneur can go from idea in the morning to working prototype in the afternoon. Ironically, Brent often finds that the things he and his team are most excited about are not the same ones that potential customers find exciting. To save time and money, “We try to engage with potential customers as fast as possible because there’s just no substitute for live feedback and engaging with your potential customers,” said Brent. By integrating rapid prototyping with immediate customer feedback–then iterating with what you learn–you can dramatically increase your pace of innovation.

3. Continuously iterate.

As an entrepreneur, your first idea will rarely be the best idea. Brent’s team came up with a game that involved a wall of buttons. You’d think there’s not much room to iterate on a simple wall of buttons, right? Wrong. “We’ve got to be on version 10 of this thing now. It slowly evolved into a 2-player game and then we were like, ‘Wow, what if we put it on spinning gears? It’ll make it harder.’ Well, that was true, but people’s fingers got caught in those gears so we had to do another version. Each time that we did it the game got better and better. The willingness to continuously iterate so that you’re constantly getting feedback is what really makes things awesome,” said Brent. Are you continuously getting feedback on your products and services then making improvements?

The Bushnell family on cultivating creativity and entrepreneurship at home and at work

Dubbed the “first family of fun” by Fast Company, the Bushnell’s are clan of entertainment entrepreneurs focused on creating the future of entertainment.  Nolan Bushnell, serial entrepreneur best known for founding Atari and Chuck E Cheese, has eight children, most of whom are entrepreneurs in entertainment.  In this energizing panel, a group of siblings will share details of their upbringing and how Nolan crafted an environment that encouraged creativity and entrepreneurship.


“Thank you Brent Bushnell, for your wonderful words of wisdom.”
– TechStart w/ Cedars Sinai
“Loved your energy and perspective. Opening young minds to more than they could otherwise imagine.”
– Stuart Drexler
“Amazing talk of Brent Bushnell about narrative reality on Game lab 2016 , the real next step.”
– Javi Gutiérrez
“Everyone in SF has to check out the STEAM conference, nov 6-8. Brent Bushnell and his team are incredible.”
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“Brent Bushnell illuminating innovations in out-of-home entertainment.”

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“Congrats to former #NextGen10 & #CSQVisionary, Brent Bushnell for speaking at SXSW”

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“There’s never been a better time to be a nerd – Words of wisdom from Brent Bushnell”
Sherice Torres

“Brent Bushnell, thanks for your fabulous consult/insight about our REWILD project with THNK, Nekita Raval and I!”

– Kevan Gilbert

“Brent Bushnell, I absolutely loved your sessions at Pioneers 16. Thank you!”

– Marcus Greenwood

“Brent, this was very engaging and really well done. Thank you very much for doing this. Wishing you a great year.”

– Mark Moses, Best Selling “Author of Make Big Happen”, Founding Partner CEO Coaching International


“Great talk from Brent Bushnell about creativity and learning. STEAM on! Looking forward to October. Thanks for coming.”

– Richard Hooper

“I recently had the pleasure of having Brent Bushnell keynote at our annual users conference. His presentation was incredibly engaging, and positive feedback from our attendees was truly off the charts… “High energy, excellent graphics, great passion, well thought out”… “This was phenomenal, and I wish everyone had a chance to see it”… “Very excited to learn about introducing science to youth!” His presentation kicked off our conference on a wonderfully high note, and I look forward to inviting Brent back for future events!”
– Jen Loveland, Worldwide Events Manager, FLIR Systems, Inc.
“No matter if you are directly involved in the entertainment industry or you are just a curious mind doing whatever else, Brent is a truly motivational and engaging speaker to watch. His opening talk at Gamelab Barcelona was one of the most remarkable moments in the show, and reminded hundreds of digital creators of something as important as usually forgotten: the only limit for fun your imagination.”
– Iván Fernández Lobo, Founder and Chairman of the Gamelab Conference.

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